Raudus 0.9.8 Released

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Raudus 0.9.8 is released.

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1) Support of Delphi XE6.
2) Support of Lazarus 1.2.4 and others.
3) Minor performance improvements.

Patch for Lazarus

In Lazarus 1.2 so called “Mediators” were introduced.
Mediators allow one to create own designer for custom controlset.
But mediators broke the way Raudus was integrated in Lazarus.
I made an effort to go mediators-way, but it seems to be
a major update and i plan it for 0.10 now.

As a temporary hack you are adviced to apply a patch to your Lazarus
in file sourcefilemanager.pas in procedure TryRegisteredClasses.

  if FoundComponentClass<>nil then begin
    DebugLn(['TLazSourceFileManager.FindComponentClass.TryRegisteredClasses found: ',FoundComponentClass.ClassName]);
{+} if FoundComponentClass.ClassName='TRaFormCompatible' then FoundComponentClass:=TForm;

The post about future plans and 0.10.x branch will be published later.


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