Raudus 0.9.7 Released

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Raudus 0.9.7 is released.

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1) Formely Raudus application required mongoose32.dll. Now mongoose web server (it’s last MIT-based snapshot) is ported to Pascal and contained inside Raudus runtime. Now you only need “rfe.js” to deploy your standalone app. But if you need to compress your traffic, you must use zlib1.dll. Also, if you need to serve SSL (https), you must use SSL libraries. All these dll’s are in “requisite” directory. Refer to example “40-Timers-SSL”.
2) Default port is 8080 instead of 88.
3) Fixed scaling issue in Mobile Chrome and Firefox.
3) Bugfixes. Thanks to Francesco and Dario.
4) Support of Delphi XE5.
5) Support of Lazarus 1.0.14 and others. These are Lazarus installers, that are guaranteed to be compatible with Raudus (hosted at Raudus server for your convenience):
6) Known issue: In TRaDBGrid.OnClickTitle event handler you may probably need to cast: (Column as TRaDBGridColumn).FieldName


UPD: In Delphi XE5 you may probably need to add “VCL” to “scopes list” in Project Options.

7 thoughts on “Raudus 0.9.7 Released

  1. Здравствуйте. Установил последнюю версию raudus. delphi xe 5. при запуске некоторых примеров из пакета этого фреймворка, примеры не запускаются, ошибка: File not found: ‘C:\Users\roman\Documents\Raudus\examples9-DownloadExcel\Controls.dcu’ Подскажите в чем проблема.
    заранее спасибо за ответ.

  2. In Delphi XE5 you may probably need to add “VCL” to “scopes list” in Project Options

  3. Greetings to all. One question I have a problem with Rxpublisherview is to change the kind property. Default is pvkHTML and need to change to pvkImageStretch but I error.
    Error of a js shown on a firstChild indefinite says a js file called rfe.js
    excuse my English.

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