Raudus 0.9.6 Released

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Raudus 0.9.6 is released.

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1) New component: TRaFrameHolder. You can use standard TFrame component. TFrame and TRaFrameHolder work in pair. TRaFrameHolder is parent, TFrame is the only child. Look at example 16.
2) New component: TRaCheckBox.
3) New component: TRxPublisherView. You can display contents of publishers. Suitable for browser-in-browser.
4) New component: TRxJqCalculator, taken from here. Look at example 94.
5) TRaUploader now works in Android (minimal version 4.0 is required). You can upload a file from device filesystem. You can also make photo or record speech, and then upload.
6) TRxGeolocation improved. Thanks to Joaquin!
7) TRxJqDatePicker improved. Thanks to Zdravko!
8) Design-time stability improved.
9) Browser-side performance improved (for complex UIs / slow machines / Internet Explorer).
10) Lazarus. Removed annoying message “Ignore, use TForm as ancestor”.
11) Lazarus. Added binaries for Lazarus 1.1 / FPC 2.7.1 (PPU 161 and PPU 162).

Thank you for attention to Raudus!

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