Raudus 0.9.5 Released

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Raudus 0.9.5 is released.

1) New examples (40, 41, 42, 43) show how to use SSL, how to wrap Raudus app in desktop app, and how to run as a Windows service.
2) New events: TRaTabControl.OnChange, TRaTabSheet.OnShow and OnHide.
3) New component: TRaUploader. You can upload a file from local drive to server, and handle TMemoryStream at server-side (parse, save to file, save to LOB/BLOB). Uploading does not block UI. Users can continue work, while uploading is performed “in background”. Has OnProgress event. Does not work with IE<9. See example 15 in Raudus directory and online upload example.
4) jQuery-based datepicker. See example 93. Compile RaudusX package to use datepicker in your projects.
5) Delphi XE4 is supported.
6) FPC 2.7.1 (PPU 158, CodeTyphon) is supported.

If you have urgent questions, just email me at igor@klopov.com . Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Raudus 0.9.5 Released

  1. Hello Igor,
    I’m trying the new version of Raudus 0.9.5. This works fine, both on windows and on ubuntu 13.04. I use Lazarus 1.0.10, Zeoslib, Raudus and MySql. I tried an application that uses the example of 40-Timer-ssl, it works. Can you tell me where I can install the certificate file? In which directory must I copy the file [40-Timing-SSL \ _install_these_certs \ cacert.crt].
    Thank you for your wonderful work on Raudus.
    P.S.: Upload working fine !

  2. Hi, i need wrap a html page or a website into a raudus application, any component similar to TWebBrowser?. Thanks, and congratulations by a excelent framework.

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