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    Hey there

    I am trying to install Raudus on Lazarus 1.4.4 on Linux. Welding.exe fails (I’ve seen on the forums that I am not the only one with this error). There is no way to install it.
    Does anyone have an answer to this error?
    Thank you

    (the error is as follows:
    Makes Raudus With Lazarus binaries compaptible
    Failed to open ~ / .lazarus / environmentoptions.xml
    Lazarus is located at /usr/share/lazarus/1.4.4/
    FreePascal is located at /usr/lib/fpc/2.6.4/
    Looking for Lazarus PPUs …
    Looking for FreePascal PPUs …
    An unhandled exception occurred at $ 08049562:
    EAssertionFailed: Assertion failed (welding.dpr, line 1304)
    $ 08049562
    $ 0804925B
    $ 0804E436

    Like the other person has the same mistake, ~ / .lazarus / environmentoptions.xml is accessible, I even tried to put all the permissions with chmod 777 to that file, and there has been no solution)

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