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    Would be very interested to be able to use ver. 0.9.6 but run into problems when trying to install.
    My system:
    OS:                Windows 7/64bits
    Lazarus:      ver. 1.1
    FPC:              ver. 2.7.1
    SVN:             rev. 42191P

    Have installed Raudus in dir: C:\lazarus\Extras\Raudus\raudus-0.9.6\Raudus\
    Have added C:\lazarus\Extras\Raudus\raudus-0.9.6\Raudus\bin\lazide\ to “units, required by IDE”

    Getting following error message:
    PPU Loading C:\lazarus\Extras\Raudus\raudus-0.9.6\Raudus\bin\fpc271-ppu162\i386-win32\RaCreatorFPC.ppu

    PPU Invalid Version 162

    ..\Extras\Raudus\raudus-0.9.6\Raudus\bin\fpc271-ppu162\i386-win32\RaudusFPC.pas(10,3) Fatal: Can not find unit RaCreatorFPC used by RaudusFPC. Check if package RaudusFPC is in the dependencies.
    What is: PPU Invalid Version 162?

    Required files: RaCreatorFPC.pas, RaProperties.pas and RaRegisterFPC.pas not found in file-system


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