Raudus 0.9.4 Released

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Raudus 0.9.4 is released.

1) Usual Delphi menu is not enough versatile. Hence, TRaOverlay is introduced. At design time it is a usual panel. At runtime it is shown over everything. TRaOverlay coordinates are absolute coordinates on the page. TRaOverlay can be used as menu, popup, hint, etc. You can place any control onto TRaOverlay, so create rich menus. Check out new Mobile and Employee examples.
2) TRaOverlay is mobile capable. Open Mobile and Employee examples using smartphone or tablet PC.
3) TRaButton. New properties “Align” and “Stick”. New UI “simple”. Set Button UI to “simple” to make it look like menu item.
4) TRaApplication.Application.EventPoint and EventRectangle contain coordinates of last click event. It may be used when setting TRaOverlay.Left and Top.
5) TRaDBGrid has clickable column titles. They can be used with TRaOverlay to create a submenu with “sort column”.
6) TRaTabControl. Appearance improved. Now TabSheet.Title is an object with “Caption” and “Width”.
7) Android 4.0+ scrolling is native now. It is more smooth.
8) Client-side (a.k.a. rfe.js) was rewritten. Now it is more stable and reveals opportunity of more complex components.
9) There was a problem when installing Raudus for Lazarus (“wrong checksum”). It is solved now. New utility “welding” is introduced. It patches Raudus binaries (PPU files) to make them compatible with Lazarus binaries. Hence, current Raudus release is compatible with all current and future releases of Lazarus, based on FPC 2.6.2. Read updated manual.

Thank you for your attention and patience.

10 thoughts on “Raudus 0.9.4 Released

  1. TypeError: Cannot read property ‘CELLS’ of undefined
    at Object.eval (eval at (http://samples.raudus.com:88/rfe-0.9.4/rfe.js?0.9.4:175:488), :1:864)
    at Object.Rfe.xe.start.Ta.Sc (http://samples.raudus.com:88/rfe-0.9.4/rfe.js?0.9.4:175:483)
    at Rfe.ye.finish (http://samples.raudus.com:88/rfe-0.9.4/rfe.js?0.9.4:196:113)
    at XMLHttpRequest.d.onreadystatechange (http://samples.raudus.com:88/rfe-0.9.4/rfe.js?0.9.4:195:100)

  2. Hello Igor,
    first of all thanks for your wonderful work. I’m testing the framwork RAUDUS and I have a question for you: how can I transfer a file in an application RAUDUS? If I need to upload a file what can I use?
    thanks Alfred

  3. New component TRaUpload is planned for 0.9.5. Please wait for 0.9.5

  4. igorklopov hello, remember me?
    I upgraded to this new version of the radius, so that now all the forms are open or with the written word error several times, or simply does not show the components giving error when rendering.
    this is happening with both the old with the new when projects.
    I am using Delphi XE2 update 4

  5. Please. How to upload a file to raudus form. like upload a photo. a file .

  6. El componente calendar cuando sera mejorado cuanto falta para una nueva actualizacion de Raudus

  7. Igor, i would like you to reconsider the use of onkeyprees() event, at least in the form. It is very important to replace the desktop Applications by RIA .

  8. Hello
    I would like to consider the ShowModal as it functions in delphi, which displays the form and the shape is expected to close before continuing with the following Sentences, it serves to form 1 from form 2 is called that is generic and can be return values ​​to the form 1

  9. With raudus you should use ShowModalNonBlocking Instead of ShowModal

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