Raudus 0.9.2 Released

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Raudus 0.9.2 is released.

Download Raudus 0.9.2

1) New RaVCL control: TRaScrollBox. Look at online example (scrollbox is especially useful in mobile apps for scrolling long forms of input controls).

2) New RaVCL control: TRaDBGrid. It has reduced functionality yet – cells are not editable, columns are not resizable. But rich UI for the grid is planned. Look at online example Employee. The grid is mobile-capable. You can pan (scroll) the grid in all directions. Open the example using tablet PC browser.

Thank you for your feedback! Stay tuned!

28 thoughts on “Raudus 0.9.2 Released

  1. Great job!
    Man, you proving that pascal can be really RAD (heh) for web development.
    I have only one desire: onClick for a TRaImage.
    I tried release a something kind of map on your library with feedback – and had a little quest with TRaBitButton, cause TRaImage don’t know anything about cursor on it :))) Work fast (12×12) but TRaBitButton always has a small (2 pix) border around a picture on it.
    And, if you please, there is a strange bug – IE8 can’t work with TRaComboBox. Crashed out javascript loader or something like that. I’ll check this with new version of Raudus.
    I’m old-school programmer, so JavaScript is a brainfuck for me, and you make my RIA web-development less painfull :))) Thank you!

  2. Hi. I found a little bug. Happens when you close the main form by clicking the close button (not browser’s close button). So when you open again via browser, it’s empty, making necessary restart the application in the server.
    Besides this, it’s a great work, and I hope u have great success!!!

  3. Very nice work and many thanks.
    Is it possible to have access to apache headers from a module created with Raudus?

  4. Can not install the package for Lazarus1.2, when I press then “Install” I received the message “RaCreatorFPC.pas(10,64) Fatal: Can not find RaCreatorFPC used by RaudusFPC, ppu=..\components\laz102\i386-win32\RaCreatorFPC.ppu, package RaudusFPC

  5. I found a bug
    when using RADBGRID, to list the data, if the User request to relist the error appears.
    “boot ajax failure (xhr.status is not 200)
    ajax failure ocurred in boot route.
    probably, connection is lost, or you browser has switched to offline mode”

  6. Rafael! It will be great if you compose a minimal application, that illustrates an reproduces the bug. It will help me to fix the bug quickly.

  7. Zdravko! The problem is around Windows 7 64bit. I am working on it now. It will be fixed soon in 0.9.3.

  8. Manos Solomos. In what case do you want to use it? Give me an example please.

  9. I could not reproduce the error.
    to create a smaller version of my system I noticed that this error is not happening.
    I can not explain, but the new system I just recreated the sources copying and pasting things, it simply is functioning properly. I’ll try to find a way to send my original sources, not just sending you this now because I spread it in various folders on my framework

  10. ready, consequi simulate the error,
    you redo it to make the steps below:
    open the system …
    The system is designed to run on tablets …
    click the button on the main screen “access” …
    in the “name of client” type “RAF” and click on “list”
    will show the data of the client. click the button with title “faturas em aberto”
    click the “back” now change the field “name of client” to “ROD” and click on “list”
    ready the error appeared.
    to download the system dry the link below:

  11. to igorklopov on 2012-11-13 11.33 pm
    I have developed an intranet application and I want to authenticate my users against a domain controller using apache sspi_auth_module, so I think I need access to remote_user.

  12. Hi,
    Just a question. With Raudus can i deploy to IIS?. I do not see it in the manual.

  13. Доброго дня Игорь.
    Задумка супер, тут уже много написали, не буду повторяться. По делу:
    начал писать проект на 0.9.2, но сталкнулся с серьёзной проблемой – как реализовать OpenDialog ?
    Для моего проекта это критично. Я уже второй проект пишу на этой платформе(первый на 0.8.10), багов уже кучу выявил, потом опишу если потребуется. Я понимаю что не всё сразу, поэтому всегда жду обновлений и не плачу :-),
    но! без OpenDialog беда, придётся переделывать по обычному. Может подскажешь как реализовать “хоть как-то”, без компонента, чтоб проект “не пропал” ?
    Стандартный OpenDialog работает, но, разумеется, только локально…
    Зарание спасибо.

  14. Looks awesome, but your download links don’t seem to work. They all go 404. 🙁

  15. Hi Chris, I clicked on the latest version right now and it donwloaded the exe just directly, on a Chrome browser…. repeted on FireFox and also worked fine.
    May be you have restricted the .exe downloads by some FireWall and/or Virus soft?
    Using IE? I just made a try with it -I never ever use it for a thousand reasons- and told my that my security settings don’t allow me to downloiad such a file.

  16. Hello, Rafael.
    I debugged your project and found the bug in Raudus.
    The bugfix will be in 0.9.3, that will release soon.
    Thank you for help.

  17. I would like to participate in the development.
    I have 11 years of delphi, develop frameworks for my company.
    Your component is fantastic, I would love to help you.

  18. hi! I found another bug. the same error resulting from previous bug.
    to simulate simply just put a litsbox.
    and put a lot of information in OnGetText.
    ready, the error happen.

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