Raudus 0.9.1 and 0.8.10 Released

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Raudus 0.9.1 is released.

Minor improvements and bugfixes. Examples of custom controls added.
After installing Raudus, please compile RaudusX.dpk (RaudusX.lpk) from
examples folder. It is a package, that contains additional custom controls.
TRxTheme is among them. Using TRxTheme you may easily setup UI
property for all controls at a time. Look at examples how to use it.

Raudus 0.8.10 is released.



In near plans are to release DBGrid and to create a forum here. And also to write a guide into creating custom controls.

Thank you!

23 thoughts on “Raudus 0.9.1 and 0.8.10 Released

  1. Hello 🙂
    I would like to congratulate you on creating such a good and easy to use framework and mostly to thank you for giving it to us for free 🙂
    Since to seem to have a good knowledge of internet programming I would suggest you to make this framework work for android, Ios and hopefully webos.
    The reason i’m telling you that is that you have created this component in a way i really admire because basically it uses similar components to delphi default.
    Your framework is by far better designed than firemonkey 🙂
    Keep up good work 😀

  2. Still not working with XE3, use from D7 to XE2
    Todavia no funciona con Xe3, use desde D7 a Xe2

  3. I am not able to install the 1.0 lazarus
    is reporting missing files

  4. Do not click “Compile”. Raudus package is already compiled. Just click “Install”.

  5. Hi, first I want to say thank you for this framework.
    I’m unable to install it om Lazarus 1.0 (Windows) getting the same error as Leandro reported.
    I followed the instructions you gave for version 0.90, and no I didn’t “Compile”, I just hit “Install” but I get missing files…

  6. Still remains an important issue. How to make the loading window, or any window that blocks user controls while the program performs time-consuming operations. Maybe someone can share their own experiences on this issue?

  7. I think will be good to show source code of web components (not framework) – like Delphi. I am trying write TRaMemo and for example source for TRaEdit will help.
    BTW: ModalResult will be supported? ShowModal not work, and non blocking can’t work

  8. Hola,
    El producto es fantástico, pero carece de una cosa muy importante, una guía para principiantes. Por ejemplo como desplegar un mensaje de error, como desplegar los datos cuando se haga una consulta, y seria importante pensar en el precio que va a tener el producto

  9. Is there any way for using cxgrid or devexpress components on raudus?

  10. ■ Leandro on 2012-09-14 10.34 pm
    I am not able to install the 1.0 lazarus
    is reporting missing files
    ■ igorklopov on 2012-09-15 10.21 am
    Do not click “Compile”. Raudus package is already compiled. Just click “Install”.
    Thank you for Lazarus support.
    I have the same..i just click “install” and Lazarus give the messagges as above

  11. Carlos, para esta un foro de Wiki en donde varios nos estamos pasando la mano, realmente el producto tiene demasiado potencial

  12. I get the same error like Francisco and Leandro when trying to install the package in lazarus 🙁
    Problem is, that the lazarus-ide needs to compile itself when adding new packages. Is there any possible solution?

  13. Hello, I have an raudus mobile application running on a apache server, everything works fine except it does not show any image placed on TRaImage components, but, if I run the same application as standalone, show the images of the TRaImage perfectly. What am I doing wrong?
    Hola, tengo una aplicación raudus mobile ejecutándose en un servidor apache, todo funciona bién excepto que no muestra ninguna imagen puesta en los componentes TRaImage, pero si ejecuto esta misma aplicación como standalone, sí las muestra. Qué estoy haciendo mal?

  14. I have been reviewing your samples and would like to take a closer look at the dbgrid-employee example as well as Tthemechanger.
    I love your web framework and have found it easy to start using.

  15. В списке компонентов нет DBGrid. Как отобразить данные из базы?
    Delphi XE2.

  16. Hola Usuarios de Raudus
    Estoy muy interesado en programar con el producto, pero tengo algunas proeblemas basicos que podemos compartir la solucion en algo parecido a un foro.
    Por ejemplo De la forma1 despliego la forma 2 que es una consulta generica, como retorno a la forma 1 el volor seleccionado en la forma2 sin que la forma 2 conosca la forma 1?
    Como hago para desplegar un mesnaje de error? un equivalente a un showmessage

    Hello users Raudus
    I am very interested in programming with the product, but I have some basic proeblemas we can share the solution into something like a forum.
    Forma1 eg unfold the form 2 which is a generic query as to return the form 1 in the forma2 selected volor without conosca form 2 form 1?
    How do I display an error mesnaje? one equivalent of a ShowMessage

  17. Create new tform amd define function
    function myShowMessage(value :String);
    frmShowmessage.lblMessage.Caption := value;

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