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  • Advanced Db Controls (DbLookupComboBox …) [DONE]
  • Advanced views (DbView – data, templated with any html) [DONE]
  • TRaExtMessageBox (similar to single call to MessageBox in Delphi) [DONE]
  • Better focus. Focus of controls will be stored at server along with other controls states. Also Something.Focused := True
  • TabPanels
  • Icons everywhere (window title, button) [DONE]
  • Designer IDE improvements (controls will appear immediately without “rendering…” phase)
  • Support of Unicode versions of Delphi [DONE]
  • Support of Delphi XE DataSnap REST/XML/JSON
  • TRaExtDbGrid improvements (custom column renderer, row editor, other ExtJS features)
  • … implementation of all required controls, that exist in ExtJS
  • Application as module for IIS, FastCGI
  • Better session control. Cross-session interaction
  • Support for custom JS callbacks. For example, <a> tag in label text will fire TRaExtLabel.OnJavascript event when clicked
  • Raudus user documentation. Will be mostly copied from ExtJS docs

At this moment Raudus allows to build applications upon basic ExtJS controls. In far future Raudus will implement controls from other kits, (Sencha Touch, Apple DashCode, XUL/AmpleSDK, Bindows). For example, TRaXulButton control was developed (as a “proof of concept”), but not well tested and not included in release yet.

At this moment Raudus allows to create stand-alone executables and modules for Apache. In future you will be able to create IIS-modules and FastCGI-workers.

At this moment only one type of engine is available – RaEnginePage, that allows to run single web-application on a single web-page. In future new second engine RaEngineCloud will allow to run multiple web-applications on a single page, interact them with TaskBar, probably have common file system and user session. So, appearance of a web-based desktop will be created.

22 thoughts on “Raudus Roadmap

  1. Igor:
    Excellent work, great product, I hope you carry forward this great project.
    For my part I use and is a real pleasure it gives me results.
    Here’s to you, Igor. Greetings

    Excelente trabajo, excelente producto, espero que lo llevas hacia adelante este excelente proyecto.
    Por mi parte lo utilizo y es un verdadero placer, los resultados que me da.
    Brindo por ti Igor. Saludos

  2. Great work, i waiting for your new release with full function of extpascal.


  3. Hi Igor, Have you ever think in the possibility to make Raudus into Open Source Project?
    Thanx and Good You, you Just forgot TinyMCE Editor into your good Ideas.

  4. I look forward for the unicode Delphi support. But could you please also tell if you are based on ExtPascal or you have your own implementation? (the reason for this is to know if using Raudus means using “a stack of 2 open source projects” or not…. You know from a “risk point of view” I am asking this). Moreover I am asking this because Sencha Touch will not be supported from Raudus until mid of 2011 (may be!) and since I feel it is a VERY HOT TOPIC, anticipating it it would be great. Can you please comment on this? (or contact me directly). Thanks!

  5. Hi, congratulations! this frameworks is exceptional.. but i use delphi 2010 and cannot install.. when release version for delphi 2010?…
    please do it soon.

  6. Perfect works! Thank you very much.Wish to see full support of the newest version of ExtJS.
    Best reguards!

  7. Look forward to support the unicode version of delphi, hope more demo video, I help information on the Chinese support to better, thanks to this great project

  8. 非常伟大,非常强大,所有中国的delphi开发者都支持你们!

  9. Hi Igor

    What is the possibility of making Raudus an Open Source Project in the near future?

    Is there instructions / a howto on installing and using the linux version with lazarus?

  10. Отличная штука! Cпасибо за это чудо и успехов в дальнейшей разработке!

  11. How can I upload the generated program to my
    website ?


    Bob Stanton

  12. Perfect! But I have one question: how can I install Raudus Application on my site to work with it from anywhere? Can you answer me something about it on my e-mail.

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